Wednesday, June 3, 2009

He Has Made Me Glad!

“For You, O LORD, have made me glad by what You have done, I will sing for joy at the works of your hands.” Psalm 92: 4 (NAS)

Psalm 92 is a song for the Sabbath, a song of worship. Worship is good, pleasant, beneficial, and appropriate. In this context, the psalmist lists three ways worship is demonstrated: by giving thanks, singing praises, and declaring God’s attributes. The psalmist is motivated to worship because the LORD has made him glad. The author rejoices because of what the LORD has done. God destroys the wicked; and He causes the righteous to prosper, so that we may proclaim His righteousness.

Pray for:

· Repentance (2 Peter 3:9)

· Outpouring of His Spirit in families, churches, nation (Joel 2:28)

· Thankful hearts (Psalm 92:1; 1 Thess. 5:18)

· Worship the LORD joyfully and wholeheartedly (Psalm 92:1-3; Psalm 9:1)

· Abundance (Psalm 92: 12-14; John 10:10)

· Bold declaration of God’s goodness and righteousness (Psalm 92: 15; Psalm 78:4)

What has the LORD done recently? For what are you rejoicing? We welcome your comments!


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  2. I am reminded that "He has made me glad" was the scripture I claimed the day I held my first grandchild. Indeed, HE has made me glad!!!! And, that is true even today. Thank you for reminding me of God's faithfulness.

  3. God has truely made me glad by blessing our family with 4 beautiful, and 2 handsome grandchildren. Each day I try to think of ways to share my joy with them. Be it in reading books to them, singing and teaching them new songs, or talking to them on the telephone, I want them to know thay are special blessings from God.

  4. Bobbye and Marion, thank you for your comments. I am blessed to have loving friends who pray for my grandchildren as I pray for theirs! He has indeed made my glad!

  5. We have been praying that our grandchildren would get jobs for the summer. My granddaughter just emailed me the following: "My summer is going great. I got a job as a nanny for three little girls. I love it, it is easy and I still get to enjoy summer because we go to the pool almost every day. It's really fun and the girls are precious. I hope you and Grandpa are doing well and I hope to see you soon. Love, your favorite granddaughter".