Friday, April 27, 2012

Words for Me

"Therefore encourage one another
and build each other up..." 1Thessalonians 5:11 (NIV)

"Are you a praying grandmother?" asked the young woman. Her name was Alicia.

"Yes," I replied.

"I just wanted to encourage you." She explained that after God heard her grandmother's prayers, God answered, rescuing the girl from danger and destruction.

I thanked and hugged her. Her sweet words brought tears to my eyes.

And then,  she said it again... "I just wanted to encourage you."

As I drove home from the meeting, the impact of Alicia's words hit me.

"I just wanted to" 

Alicia's words were for me. Not a generality. Not for the masses. They were personal. Specific words spoken at a specific time to a specific person. Me.

"Encourage" means to help, comfort, strengthen by consolation, to call for someone for aid, to exhort, to admonish.

While praying 1 Thessalonians 5:11 for our descendants, somebody's granddaughter encouraged me.

Allow these words to comfort and strengthen you today...God hears your voice (Psalm 6:9; 18: 6; 34: 6; 116: 1). And not only does God hear, God turns (bends down) His ear to us, and saves (Psalm 116). The psalmist responded with praise, thanksgiving, and commitment  (Psalm 116: 17-19). 

May we rejoice in the LORD, draw strength from His Word, and encourage one another.

And to Alicia's grandmother, wherever you are, because of your prayers...I was touched. For that, I thank you.


  1. is this the same "Praying Grandmothers" group that sends out info from Dallas Texas, Peggy Powell?

  2. We are not the same group, but would love to receive Peggy's info. Our group started as a ministry of Grace Community Church, Houston, TX in 1999. From there, the LORD planted groups in the nation of Trinidad & Tobago. This blog is a result of the prophetic words of a pastor in T&T. Thanks for visiting us!