Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mammy's Prayer

In our prayer group, many of us possess written documentation of our grandparents' faith. What a treasure! This is Mammy's prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father,
We thank You this a.m. for the blessings of another day. We thank Thee for being permitted to meet at this home for prayer service to help each other.
Fill each heart with love for Thee and may each heart go up to Thee in praise and thanksgiving for the many blessings we have received from Thy bounteous hand.
Help us dear Father to love Thee more and serve better.
Bless this meeting and may much good be done and give us a Baptism of Thy Holy Spirit.
Forgive us our sins. Bless all for whom we should pray, the sick and afflicted and the needy.
We pray in Jesus' Holy Name.
Written by Mrs. W.O. Wilson (Mammy, 1844-1934)

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