Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Mimi, Do You Have Any Gum?"

During a four-day stay with Mimi and Grandpa, one of our granddaughters made it known they are allowed to chew gum on Fridays.

On the final night with our grandchildren, a Friday, we attended a youth dance performance at our church. During the last number,  "Sparkles" (my youngest granddaughter) suddenly realizes it's Friday, and she is lacking! She wants gum, and goes in urgent pursuit!

She rushes to me. "Mimi, do you have any gum?!!!"

"No, I don't. Mimi doesn't chew gum."

She turns and darts to her Grandpa. "Grandpa, do you have gum?" Another "No".

After the performance, Sparkles remains relentless, sounding almost desperate..."Mimi, don't you have any gum?"

"No Sparkles. I already told you I don't have any gum."

Thanks to Grandpa, there was gum at home. Finally, Sparkles got her Friday piece of gum. And, because her Grandpa is generous, Sparkles received a Saturday piece of gum as well.

My hope is that Sparkles, in her lifetime, pursues wisdom with the same passion that she chases after a stick of gum.

Proverbs 4:7 says, "Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom..." (NKJV). "Principal thing" refers to "the beginning, the first, the chief, the best". "Get" means "to acquire, create, buy, possess".
According to Proverbs 2, wisdom comes from the LORD, and we get wisdom by seeking it. God gives generously to all who ask for wisdom (James 1:5).

As praying grandmothers, we're asking God to give our loved ones the desire to be wise, to actively pursue wisdom, and to pay attention to His Word.

The next time Sparkles asks for gum, I'll whisper a little prayer for the LORD to bless her with wisdom; and then, I'll hand her a piece!

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